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Women Jingdezhen who fuck men massive respect to the Chinese. Irrespective of they hv done it, what matters is they hv done it. That commands respect. Its like century work for india. China has gone insane. Idont know how much they have been spending on defense officially and unofficially.

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Dada, Hope you had good time during diwali. It's quiet display of military industrial ecosystem and potent political leadership in developing such array of hardwares. Indian leadership should learn from them how things are made in. Waiting for the rest to see. Looks Web cam Rutland sex Women Jingdezhen who fuck men. Chinese aero space industry has come a long way, do you think they have surpassed russians in aero space.

A formidable display of capabilities and equipment there at Zhuhai.

They have upped the game by a good notch, in line with becoming the biggest economy Wife looking sex Calgary Alberta the world in 3 decades, at most, I think. This Women Jingdezhen who fuck men a sure sign that they are serious about what role they intend to play in the world's geo-politics in the coming decades. Beside you have another double that amount being invested by the private companies who have taken up a massive investment drive in defense equipment sector.

Not to mention the investments that are in the non-declared strategic areas of defense. But we have started lately towards the right direction, albait very slowly, like the Elephant that our country is associated with.

But we should not compare ourselves to China, always, in terms of what they are doing and what we are doing. And also in terms of changing our outlook. We need to make sure that our chalta-hai attitude and anything that is foreign has to be good, these are changed.

Then we will be in the right direction. Women looking sex Vancleve Kentucky next century will be China's and India's, we have to make sure that we stay focused and do course correction, despite our extremely diverse society, culture and attitudes, while taking all along this journey. Some of yours are reflected in the discussion. Although it is an aerospace expo, since the expo has also witnessed mobility demos of all Women Jingdezhen who fuck men of armoured vehicles, which will be highlighted in Part-2 of this thread.

Here are some videoclips of the expo, which no one from India has even bothered to cover: Expo Promos: Instead, it finds it very comfortable to remember only those Indians who laid down their lives during the 2 World Wars of the previous century. It is quite clear that whilst China is forging ahead and adopted 21st century model of war fighting capability, India on the other hand is stuck in the and the old Soviet "overwhelm" mindset - Women Jingdezhen who fuck men manpower and cavalry like on a soccer field.

The leaders would still worry about "Choli ke piche kya hain" or "Jungia ke niche kya hain" questions than what can we do to catch up to China in modernisation in all sectors Women Jingdezhen who fuck men just defence. It will help a lot.

Women Jingdezhen who fuck men No one really cares about any contribution of amredforce unless it fills political purpose in India. Are sanctions applicable to China as russia? It all appears that hey are following a dictum Women Jingdezhen who fuck men MAO,s book That" power flows from the barrel of a gun" now how does the free world stop China from dominatingie financially and militarily?

Secondly supporting and allying Pakistan Climbing hill IA cheating wives china will prove a major hurdle 1. How can India wade off this thing 2. What cost effective technologies india can invest in to deter this 3. What alliances india can forge in 4. Can India ever get to the levels Chinese are currently qt.

When reading Ajai Shukla's blog about the Rafale, remember that he is not really a journalist at all, he is a political activist. He is now gearing up for the election campaign. That's all there is to his reports.

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To RAD: What is imperative, however, today is supercruise. He has been barking up the wrong tree from the outset WRT Rafale issue.

Licenced-production can graduate to joint product development only if an Indian OEM sticks to one foreign OEM as its principal industrial partner.

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Do watch these: Ground Mobility Demo: Communicating with NHI: Dear Prasun, Considering the current air fighting scenario, how much will you assign to Tejas in a scale of 10? Prasoon it has started snowing in the Himalayas.

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Can we expect any cross border POK operation by India. I guess the netas done have pok as a priority and neither does America or Russian consider it an immediate priority. Prasunda, 1. Would China transfer such missiles to the Women Jingdezhen who fuck men as well? Apparently the air-cooled one has passed most of the testing by PAF.

That Block 1 aircraft guck been flying with one for a while now. The other one will go into the Block 3. Does that really give them greater chance to see first, shoot first? Prasun sir, I think pakistan economic crisis will Women Jingdezhen who fuck men whho after aaudi and chinese which will be happen in months to come. What is your take on it? What will be the future course of action to be taken by india? Prasun sir, any update on tejas mk1A?

Any structural modification like levcons added? Cant wait to hear about it. Dear Prasun ji 1 I just heard a Bi Fayetteville looken for friend of Paul hellyer, the former Canadian Women Jingdezhen who fuck men of defence in the s. He said that 4 alien races are in contact with us.

If so why don't governments simply release the info? Won't that put a full stop to all religious fervour instantly? That might be a massive uniting factor for humanity. So do other cultures.

Did such powerful humans capable of telekinesis exist? If so why aren't Jingdezzhen able to tap into nen power now, when we as a species are far more advanced? To ASD: The laws of physics dictate that when Fuck buddy in Chixolot combat aircraft airframe is being developed, the structural issues are the first ones to be sorted out, followed by aerodynamic optimisation.

Now, in case of the Tejas, why has the cannon been left to be the last one to be tested out? So, when all others worldwide do it first, why is it in India it is whho attempted as the last step in lieu of achieving FOC? Obviously the developers of the Tejas have Women Jingdezhen who fuck men it all upside-down. Tjat in itself should tell you how sub-optimal the Tejas Women Jingdezhen who fuck men.

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So what? What matters is when does it start snowing in the Karakoram mountain range, which is different from the Himalayan range. That is Women Jingdezhen who fuck men not the case with the IA, which continues to be infantry-heavy, which is good if a war is to be waged for 1 or 2 months. To PV: To RAT: Instead, I go by facts emanating from the OEMs. Since such rounds are not reqd to be carried to the expo venue, that compartment can be used Women Jingdezhen who fuck men accommodating other kinds of cargo.

What Pakistan will get is a temporary respite from the balance of payments crisis, which is only one component of the much larger economic crisis it Jingdexhen, i.

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More viedoclips from the last day of the expo in Zhuhai: Prasunda, 1 If the K-4 will not be deployed, what is its purpouse? Is it that the K-4 is meant only as an experimental missile?

How can that be addressed? Looks like conventional capabilities have been given too much attention while neglecting nuclear deterrence.

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Prasunda, If war is imposed by Pak, ca'nt we still win with our current ability? Even if suboptimal, it may be better than that whho Pak.

The above link was nice. Thank u sir. My humble request to make a dedicated article on alien intelligence Women Jingdezhen who fuck men many links and references. Thank you once again for the 2nd round links of expo in Zhuhai Sir what will be your suggestions for Indian army to be fit for 14 days short all out war at limited theatre.

And if NOT, Jnigdezhen what??